Quick Tips For Checking the Health of Your Trees

We all know that trees have a life cycle and the longer they live, the better they are. However, it’s important to know what kind of tree you have (i.e. what type is it) before you do any tree pruning, especially pruning in the winter. This is when most tree health deteriorates. Here are some quick tips for checking the health of your trees during this time:

Quick Tips for Checking the Health of Your Trees





New growth – This is the growth that is growing up around the needles and branches of the tree. The needles are the new growth and the branches are the old growth. Check the needles with your hand by placing the tip of your fingers on the needles and gently pulling them back. The new growth is soft and feels more like grass than a hard wood. If you find a lot of new growth, it means the tree is healthy.

Color – This is the color of the tree as it appears during the fall or when it is young and just starting to grow new growth. In the winter, the tree may be discolored or yellowed from being exposed to winter temperatures. When tree needles fall, they leave black or brown marks on the tree. This means the tree needs to have new growth take over in the spring. If the growth on the tree stops or slow down, this could mean there is a problem with the tree’s health.

Color of branch and foliage – In the winter, you will notice that the branches and leaves are not as vibrant as in the summer. This is because the tree does not have as much new growth. You can also tell if the tree is healthy in the winter by looking at the height of the branches and the color of the foliage.

The overall health of the tree can also be checked with the quick tips for checking the health of your tree. You can do this yourself at home. All you need is a few materials that you can easily find in any home improvement store. Some of the things you can check are the condition of the bark, the condition of the leaves, the size and shape of the buds and even the root system of the tree.

Quick tips for checking the health of your tree can help you determine whether or not the tree needs to be trimmed or pruned. If there are branches and areas of the tree that are weak and not growing, then you need to trim these areas. Similarly, if there are branches and areas of the tree which are thick and bushy, then you need to prune these areas. Thus, a quick tip for checking the tree’s health will let you know what you need to do with the tree.

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