Where to find writing inspiration 

​5 places I go to get inspired to write

There are days when as writers we feel uninspired to write. 

It is not that there’s some writers’ block or that we’re not in the mood to write but that there’s is no inspiration to write. 

On such days no articles are produced, no stories birthed and the writers’ world is in a standstill. Zero productivity. Constant drifting. 

To solve this problem, there are places where I go to get fresh inspiration to write and that is what I write about in this post. 

Without further adieu, these places are:

1. To a library:

whether physical or electronic, a library being a repository of written resources is a great place to find ideas. I read or scan through next to everything I lay my hands on. In so doing I get inspired to write about some of the themes of such texts. However, when I can’t make it to the library (which is often the case nowadays), I read blogs, web articles and e-books. I am usually amazed at the amount of timeless resources to write about that I come across in these texts. 

2. To an art gallery:

on days when I am opportune being a fan of art I visit art galleries, museums and sculpture gardens. Seeing such display of art usually triggers some writing inspiration. I end up writing a short story or an article or blog post off these inspirations. Actually art reminds us of our creative nature and once reminded we are provoked to write, create and produce. Isn’t that awesome? 

3. To a friend’s house:

there’s no bigger repository of inspiring ideas for me nowadays than conversations with friends, family and acquaintances. When I deliberately want to get inspired through conversations I go to visit any of my friends and the experience is usually rewarding. They could tell me a quote that would inspire a whole article or a story that could inspire a scene in my next collection. 

4. To listen to music /podcast:

I do this more often nowadays. Although I’m not a big fan of music but surely listening to some lines from Bob Dylan or the passenger surely strikes up some writing ideas and this is usually birthed in my writings. Podcasts especially from other writers do ignite the zeal to write in me. Podcasts I often listen to include the portfolio life podcast with Jeff Goins, This is your life podcast with Micheal Hyatt and The Creative Penn Podcast with Joanna Penn. 

5. To a walk:

this is by far the easiest but regrettably the least used means of garnering inspiration for writing. Whenever I go on a walk aside the relaxing, refreshing feeling it comes with I constantly stumble into writing inspiration which make up a greater part of the descriptive aspects of my writing. Nature gets closer to you when you are on a walk and as usual it comes with great writing ideas ready to be tapped. I don’t fail to tap them. 


There you have it. The places I go to get deliberate inspiration to write. These places are yet to fail me. So whenever you feel uninspired to write, just read, visit someone, visit an art gallery, listen to podcasts/ music or simply go on a walk. 

From now on no more excuse for not writing due to lack of inspiration. Now go write and exercise your creative muscles. Go! 

About Amos Gideon Buba

Amos Gideon Buba is a writer, public speaker and entrepreneur who believes everyone can make a difference by getting their voices heard beyond the noise of the world.
Friendly and unpretentious, to him words are the best tools for instigating and actualising societal change.
Aside his books and pen, Gideon loves traveling and meeting new people.

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