Three tools to help you handle multiple tasks

Everybody does several things every day; our task list is always lengthy. We all have many things to do on a daily basis. Some are routine while others are not. The fact that we have lots to do makes it common to end a day with one or many unfinished tasks.

These unfinished tasks become wastes or wasters. They become wastes if they are never completed as the time and resources used to start them can’t be regained and they become wasters if they are rolled over to the next day thus spending the time for other things on the carry over. No wonder most people always have a work in progress (WIP). Now to prevent carry over work from wasting your time and resources daily, I present you some three tools that you can use. They are:

  1. Prioritisation: very popular yet very unpopular (forgive my contradiction), it is popular in the sense that we all know and claim to have priorities. It becomes unpopular because it is low in use, very few people practice it. To handle multiple tasks, arranging them in other of priorities will aid in getting the most important tasks done and possibly deleting some tasks.
  2. Early start: this is where many people have problem. You have a task to complete and there is a deadline but you are still seating doing nothing. What are you waiting for? When its fifteen minutes to the deadline right? It is by far better to have extra time after a task has been completed than to stay idle while the task is waiting.
  3. Stay Focused: you are filing some documents at work but you keep stopping every now and again to reply messages on email or any social media. That work is going stale! Yes, you can multitask but not when the other task is a distraction to the main task. Always pay full attention to your work and you will be amazed at the number of tasks you complete.


Quickly digest these three tools and you will be glad as you can handle more tasks daily and you will be glad you did!


How do you handle your multiple tasks daily? 

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About Amos Gideon Buba

Amos Gideon Buba is a writer, public speaker and entrepreneur who believes everyone can make a difference by getting their voices heard beyond the noise of the world.
Friendly and unpretentious, to him words are the best tools for instigating and actualising societal change.
Aside his books and pen, Gideon loves traveling and meeting new people.

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