Three reasons why you don’t get happy

​How Greed, Ingratitude and Lack of sharing are depriving you of happiness 

You’ve just landed a multi-million dollar contract but you see it like a normal feat!

Your business just recorded an 80% profit for the year but all you said was “it could be better”!

You passed all your exams and are topping your class yet you see it as an everyday thing!

You have all the human factors seemingly required to make a happy man but you aren’t happy!

What is hindering your joy from flowing?

What is stopping your happiness from showing?

You see happiness is a reflection of the choices you make daily. Below I write about three things which would stop you from getting happy.

1. Greed: you may decorate it with any word you like but greed is one of the things stopping you from showing the happiness you deserve. It creeps into most of our ambitions. If only people hold onto what they have and are content with it then they will be happy!

2.Ingratitude: the more you appreciate what you have the more you will get happy for it. Like am fond of saying:

“Gratitude is the mother of INCREASE, accept what you have and get more, reject it and you SLUMP down!”

3. Lack of sharing: when you talk to some people about sharing with others they begin to think of philanthropists and charity organisations. Giving need not be materialistic, donate your smile and make someone’s day and you will be happy. Humans are perceptive beings, the more you make others happy, the more you get happy.  Give and get happy. The secret of living is giving. Besides, he who shares cares. 

Take a moment and see which of these three factors is hindering your joy from popping out. Make amends and get happy.


I would like to conclude this post in the words of Robert J. Hastings who said:

“Places and circumstances never guarantee happiness.

You must decide within yourself whether you want to be happy.”


After using the yardsticks and suggestions above, tell us your experience in the comment box below.

As long as you want to be happy you can! Get happy You deserve it

About Amos Gideon Buba

Amos Gideon Buba is a writer, public speaker and entrepreneur who believes everyone can make a difference by getting their voices heard beyond the noise of the world.
Friendly and unpretentious, to him words are the best tools for instigating and actualising societal change.
Aside his books and pen, Gideon loves traveling and meeting new people.

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  1. Nathan Tosal Ayuba March 24, 2018 / 10:35 pm

    this is just so amazing. I never wanted it to end. seriously its wonderful

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