Five tips developing a daily reading habit that can change your life

It is true that your usefulness is as much as what you know and can do. 

That your worth defines how you are valued. 

This truth has led people to pursue knowledge. This they do by going to schools, taking courses or even register as an apprentice to learn skills that would increase their value and help them stay relevant.

To increase their value, people pay, a whole lot of money; be it in form of school fees, course fees, or learning fees to a master whom you want to learn from. 

What if there’s an easier and quite cheaper way to garner more knowledge? People would surely jump at it. 

Well there is and like the proverbial cock who spent the night on a sack of grain while it was hungry, most people are not making use of it. 

It’s reading. 

Everything you need to know is somewhere laying idle in a book. 

Books are the largest repository of knowledge that have and will ever exist. 

In order to tap into this repository, we need to read daily.

Just like with all other habits we develop, there are no brick wall paths through which you must follow to develop this this habit. 

I just finished reading the first book on my reading list for the year and here are a few tips that helped me. They should work for you too. 

1. Start Today and Now. If you are going to develop this habit you need to start it with urgency. Don’t accept any resistance. Don’t procrastinate. Now is the best time of the day. 

2. Small is acceptable but none is not. It doesn’t matter how much you read. It only matters that you do. To develop a daily reading habit consistency is key. 

3. Have a Target. Don’t read randomly or arbitrarily, have a reading target. It doesn’t have to be big. It is only meant to give you a focus. 

4. Read what interests you. To develop day by day, you should read what is of interest to you. Reading off interest materials would militate against your budding love for it. 

5. Practice what you read. There’s no better way to develop a good reading habit than by practicing what you read. This pushes you to strive for more knowledge so as to remain relevant. 

Ending Notes 

It is not up for debate how important reading is in building up a good knowledge base. 

If you read books everyday you’d get better day by day and with that betterment a real change would happen in your life. 

Your value will increase alongside your relevance. 

The above tips would help you develop that habit. 

About Amos Gideon Buba

Amos Gideon Buba is a writer, public speaker and entrepreneur who believes everyone can make a difference by getting their voices heard beyond the noise of the world.
Friendly and unpretentious, to him words are the best tools for instigating and actualising societal change.
Aside his books and pen, Gideon loves traveling and meeting new people.

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