Journal writing a quick way to get writing done

I know you’ve heard a lot about note taking. It’s in your Secondary or high school and college or university curriculum, it is been spoken about in different writers’ interactions. But please hear me out.

I’ve not always been a fan of writing on the go. I prefer sitting down fully concentrating on the piece am writing but guess what I found out of recent?

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I found out that although sitting down to come out with my creative master pieces like this is a good way of writing, writing ideas usually pop up to my head and when such happens it is best to get them written down at the moment or risk losing them to forgetting memory which all humans own.

All in all I found out that note taking comes with a number of benefits.

Benefits of Journal Writing

  1. It saves time and resources: the answer to that bugging question your reader asked, the idea for that sales pitch you need to write or the next action to be taken by your character are usually parts of your thoughts and documenting them saves time and resources thus advocating for on the go writing.
  2. It gives you Freedom: note taking frees you from your confined writing desk and leads you becoming freer and guess what happens when writers feel free? They create wonderful art which is the best goal of writing. Your creative muscles do better when they are relaxed and going out, doing something different ensures that relaxation comes.

It is cheap and easy: note taking does not require much from you in term of tiredness unlike that desk writing which may require long hours plus coffee. Writers are rejuvenated and refreshed after a journal writing session unlike the tired bodies desk writing leaves us with.

What next?

After telling you what the benefits of journal writing are, what else remains but that you take action by getting yourself a journal and starting to jot down those small ideas.

Tell us your view on journal writing and note taking by leaving a comment.

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