How to handle lots of work through multitasking


In a world where we all have targets to reach and goals to attain, it is common sight to find one person with lots of things to do. The reason why tasks are enormous can’t be far from the goals we have as individual and businesses thus the amount of work load depends on our target. For instance students have the challenge of balancing attendance to class and studying their books alongside their social life. Some people work in two or more different places aiming at income boost this also explains why such people always have more than one thing on their task list.


However, the nature of one’s occupation may not always be the determinant of how much work one has to do for instance a working wife has her office work, housekeeping, baby sitting as well as other miscellaneous tasks to undertake. This is not only applicable to them as everybody I know always has two or more things scheduled to done at the same time. It is quite unfortunate that most of our tasks have clashing deadlines and priorities, they all want to be done at the same time!


What do you do when you have two or more things that require your attention at the same time?

Simple and straightforward you do them all together giving each some share of your attention. This is called MULTITASKING.

We mostly need to do more than one thing at a time this is what prompts for multitasking in our ever technologically advancing and modern world.

Like everything in life, multitasking has its pros and cons. But in this post I will dwell on the Pros because that is all I can see right now. Quote me right there are Cons but am yet to experience them.

Below are share four reasons why I multitask and why you should too, meet them:

  • To Beat Deadlines: when a number of tasks need to be done within a stipulated time, multitasking helps in beating those deadlines thereby bring aid in situations where disappointing of clients is impeding.
  • To earn more: we freelancers understand this more, you have three clients whose deadlines fall within the same time frame doing all three gets you more income.
  • To defeat boredom: students understand this more, once you get tired and fed up with physics you run away to English and then to agric science just as your schedule deems fit. This helps you cover more materials and makes studying fun. If you are yet to try this I bet you are missing!
  • To create respect: you stamp your name in the annals of respected workers in any given field by the amount of tasks you finish. Those in the corporate service will understand this better.



Please note that these are just some of the pros for multi tasking there are many more. In all essence multitasking helps us do more and thus achieve more. Therefore if you want to achieve a lot you just have to do more and that is multitasking.

Start multitasking now!!!


What has been your experience with multitasking?

Have you tasted more pros or cons in it?

Or do you have any question about multitasking?

Tell and ask us via the commenting form below.

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