How to Create Your Own Luck Everyday 

There’s a measure of success which we attribute to sheer luck. People with such success are dubbed “the lucky dudes”. But have you ever thought about what this luck really is? And how it is attained?

Or better still have you ever thought – what if you too can be lucky everyday? What if you can create such luck?

Well, that’s what I’d share with you in this post. Just read on . . . .

Everyday we sit down and analyze the lives of people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Aliko Dangote, Strive Masiyiwa and a host of others who have striken various degrees of luck and have excelled in their fields. How do they do it? We ask. Everyone out there is busy predicting how exactly they create luck and imbibe it.
But what if there is a recipe for creating luck? (and there is)

Truth is there is a recipe for creating luck and it has the following ingredients:

1. Prepation (as much as possible)

2. Alertness (lots of it)

3. Action (enough to match your alertness)

4. Consistency (as many as possible)

5. Continuity (at least one for each day)

Now I know that you’re familiar with these ingredients but before you go ahead and probably make mistakes in the process, I’d let you in on the process.

All these people create luck by:

1. Adequate Preparation: first off successful people prepare for luck even before it comes so when it comes they are well dressed ready to join it on the success ride. This is where many people are found wanting. They believe being lucky is the result of some natural dice throw which could decide whether they are lucky or not. successful people set their pails outside even before rainclouds begin to gather. When rain comes they are sure to get as much as is possible. Prepation is the first step and if you try to skip it you may fall while before you land back aground!

2. Alertness: to always be on the lucky side you must be alert. You must know when luck arrives. To know when luck arrives you must always be on the lookout for new opportunities. Keep an open mind, checkout that new line, research into that new industry, know before it gets popular. Lucky people are always the first investors. Some people would consider alertness as part of preparation but as an ingredient in its own respect you would need plenties of it. Add as much as you deem fit.

3. Action: the next ingredient is action. You see those opportunities you’ve found in the step above need to be acted upon. If you don’t act then they remain nothing but mere possibilities. When you act they shift from being possible to being visible. Actions bring opportunities in as realised goals. The number of opportunities you are open to in the alertness stage determines the number of actions you’d need. Most times these actions may not show results immediately but still just do it. Remember to stir your alertness and actions blend very well as you’d need them in the next step.

4. Consistency: this is the only thing that truly separates the really lucky and successful from the one time success flings. Really lucky people prepare for luck, anticipate it and take actions about it consistently. They don’t give up waiting for the rain during the dry season. They only stay prepared. A big mix of alertness and actions if kept constant without faulting would sure strike luck when it arrives. This ingredient is what makes you really lucky. Many could decide to go out in search for opportunities but not all would be able to wait for it’s arrival while consistently staying prepared. Be consistent!

5. Continuity: after adding a good measure of consistency to your luck in the making, you should have luck. But what is it worth if it’s just a one time thing? To really be lucky you need to continue being lucky everyday. This requires continuity. As you create one set of luck you just go ahead to start creating another this way you’d be successful. Else your hard earned luck would be nothing but a one time fluke and even those who don’t move at all have a chance at that right? So don’t be contented with one luck repeat the process and continually be lucky.

Ending Notes

There you have it the simple recipe for creating your own luck everyday. Just enough preparation coupled with alertness and enough actions to match with consistently to finally bake it and you’d have luck only that you’d also need to continually repeat the process so that you keep on being lucky.

As you might have noticed this recipe is so simple but not so easy. Luck in itself is a actually a function of hardworking no wonder former  president of the United States Thomas Jefferson once said:

“I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.”

So next time someone hit a mark and people say “he’s lucky.”? You know exactly what he did.

Now go, work hard and create your own luck!

But before that do let me know what you think of this post by leaving a comment.

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