Your Timezone is Different 

Everyone lives on a unique timezone. 

GMT, PST, and the rest. 

No, I don’t mean those timezones defined by physical presence. 

Here’s what I mean:

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with some friends over a conference call. Then one of them said:

“Guys, it’s getting late and I have a meeting early in the morning.”

“You chicken.” another replied him “it’s just 6 pm” the latter jibed. 

At this point we all exchanged goodbyes and ended the call. 

Then the following day as I was resting in the evening, the acts of the previous day played back on my mind. 

It was then that I realised what the fellow was saying:

He lives in India, I, in Nigeria and the other friend in Uganda. 

We all live in the same world but different times. It was late night for him but early evening for me. 

Then it struck me:

“In the same way our physical timezones differ from place to place, so also does our entire life’s work. 

We are all born at different times, with different purposes. 

We all have our own stories, our message – our life. 

It is not fair to compare 

You are the best person to be yourself don’t waste it trying to be like someone else. This way you’d only end up as a mimic. 

Be original. 

Run your own race, trace your own path. 

Everyone lives on a unique timezone. 

Ending Notes

You can’t continue to dwell in the shadows of others. You are born to be a trailblazer. Go out there, lead.

Just as my friends and I were leagues apart but communicating, you too can stay in touch with others. 

Only remember to stay true to yourself and your purpose because everyone lives on a unique timezone.