8 Topmost Punctuation Problems Writers Have (With Appropriate Solutions Provided)

Punctuations are vital parts of written pieces. Their absence or misplacement could make your pieces look really amateurish and unprofessional to your readers. This is because they serve as torches lighting the way to the piece for your reader.
It is therefore very puzzling to see many writers ignore them, seeing such role.

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Three reasons why you don’t get happy

​How Greed, Ingratitude and Lack of sharing are depriving you of happiness 

You’ve just landed a multi-million dollar contract but you see it like a normal feat!

Your business just recorded an 80% profit for the year but all you said was “it could be better”!

You passed all your exams and are topping your class yet you see it as an everyday thing!

You have all the human factors seemingly required to make a happy man but you aren’t happy!

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What to do on days when you don’t feel like writing 

​Whether you’re just starting out or have been writing for a long time, there are always days when you want to do anything but writing. On such days you feel like beating yourself up. Writing productivity is lost and the creative muscles are dulled (at least for that moment). Well, I am an avid fan of staying productive (churn out great pieces) and such days are always nightmares. I feel awful on them. 

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How to beat the crowd and stand out in any niche

Truth is: every writer wants to stand out their voices heard (at least in their own niche). To attract an audience for art is a common craving amongst wordspinners.

But here’s the thing: there are usually (too) many people clamouring for attention in these niches. This way most of them go unnoticed.
Yes, there are writers never heard of.
And, It’s not that they are not good but they are just down the pecking order.

These Writers continually churn out great pieces but they remain unknown.

I was like that some years ago. I was writing great pieces but like the proverbial stone in sea drop, nobody seemed to read them. I’d write a good story but when I shared it online, I’d hear nothing. Just crickets!
I was left confused and discouraged even to the point where I contemplated quoting.
But then one day I realized that to get heard I must stand out from the crowd of Writers in my niche. I must be different.
Does this sound familiar?

Well, I’ve got news for you – you can stand out too.

First, I want you to know that: Writing, in fact, Art is meant for EXPRESSION not SUPPRESSION. (click to Tweet)

Yes, you write to get read. Writing is incomplete without readership!
How do you get to express when you don’t have a following?
How do you build an audience for your writing?

To do that, you need to:
Be prolific or
Be so good that you can’t be ignored.

This is what the law of Remarkable is all about.


The law says that for a mission-driven project to succeed, it should be “remarkable” in two different ways.

First, it must compel people to remark about it who encounter it to others.

Second, it must be launched in a venue that supports such remarking.


To apply this law to your creative endeavor, art or work, you must:

1. Learn your craft
2. Practice continually
3. Consistently create
4. Evolve with trends
5. Build a wide network

I’d delve into each of these in a subsequent post.

Ending Notes

You can’t stay under the radar, work yourself up by being prolific. This Will enable you get the attention you and your work truly deserve. Be remarkable!

One Big Reason your so many goals never get accomplished 

​It’s commonplace nowadays to hear someone advice another: “set a goal.” or “Make it a target!”

Goal setting is such an integral part of our everyday lives that gives us a focus, a direction or path to thread.

In my bid to keep up growing and developing (being better day by day), I’ve always been among those who are so eager to set goals but haven’t been on the fortunate side of things when it comes to achieving them. 

Everytime I fail to hit a deadline or attain a goal, I keep asking myself -Why is this so? Why can’t I achieve these goals?

I then found out that it wasn’t my goals that were wrong it was my approach to achieving them that was at fault.

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